Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Back By Popular? Demand

So it looks like I can’t stay away from blogging...Or maybe PSU just loves blogging.

So last semester I had to start this blog for my LA 101H class that was rooted in rhetoric, writing, and communication. We were supposed to blog about things we were passionate about and of course in my case that turned into religion and social justice. Not saying that those will be the only topics I blog about, but for my Sociology Class, “Race and Ethnic Relations,” I am required to blog on World In-Conversation  and the topic of these blogs will revolve around the discussion of race.

Also another class I’m really excited about that uses social media, technology and incorporates blogging is my Presidential Rhetoric class! This class is dedicated to studying the changes and similarities of the rhetoric and communication styles of past presidents. You can follow my class’s progress on our class website Presidential Rhetoric in The Age of Obama.

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