Thursday, January 27, 2011

Passionately un-passionate

“Passion Blog.” A blog about something we are passionate about; something that drives us. Something we can talk about for days on end. Something we love. So what am I passionate about? What is something that drives me and only me? How can I even determine what I am passionate about? I really have no idea. And that’s scary. But refreshing.

Well lately I don’t feel that "passionate" about much. Actually I even feel rather passionately un-passionate, which is a weird phenomenon for me. I have always been a ‘Mr. Everything’ kind of guy running here and there leading this and that. But I guess lately I’ve enjoyed taking a backseat attempting to listen, reflect and soak up all life has to offer, which is a mental struggle for a person like me who constantly wants/ needs to be the center of attention.

This backseat listening and reflecting is what helped me stumble upon the topic of my “Passion Blog.”

Sometimes, the things in life that are unnecessary and superfluous are the most rewarding. In the busy world we live in full of status updates, news headlines, and social media people rarely take the time to sit and reflect on all the beauties their life has to offer. And not just their life individually, but also the life that surrounds us all. It is truly amazing to realize all the surrounding world has to offer and all the beauty contained in the things we take for granted.

This blog is dedicated to exploring the beauties we overlook in our daily lives. The things we pass over.

When do we ever stop, look around, and truly reflect on the wonders of the world we take for granted. You may do it all the time, and if so props to you, but I don’t.

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  1. I like that last little paragraph. It really made me think. I am not a person who reflects on the things that I take for granted, but maybe i should start to