Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow, Hey Oh!

You know when you’re walking down the street, whether it be to class, the gym, or downtown and you see that fool who is either sticking his tongue out eating snowflakes or running through knee deep snow even though the sidewalk is right there? Well yeah, that fool is me!

Being from Louisiana snow for me either consisted of a half inch of ice on two occasions in my entire life, or skiing in the Rocky Mountains. So this whole snow on the ground everyday, having to wear boots and a north face to go to the gym is something I’m passionate about.

Around Penn State this time of year, snow is a part of every day life. But I look at the people who yell at the ice, and complain about the layers we must wear and realize that a good population of the student body takes the snow for granted. With the current stresses of college, including homework and exams, I look to the simplicity of snow and know that it is one of the most calming things about life in Happy Valley. The blizzard like conditions we have recently encountered have taken their toll on the sidewalks. This past Tuesday, the freezing rain covered the sidewalks in a layer of black ice. As most students blamed Penn State for not canceling classes, I looked to this unfamiliar “black ice” as a new and challenging experience. Compared to the average temperature of eighty degrees back in Louisiana, these icy sidewalks posed a new step, or fall I could take as I become accustomed to life in the north.


  1. I think a lot of people in the North (like me) enjoy the snow it just gets to point where we cant take it anymore. But it's good to see you're enjoying this northern wonder.

  2. I love snow as well. In fact skiing is one of my favorite activities. I've spent my whole life living in NEPA (northeastern PA) and I agree with Liz. There's a point where the winter becomes overwhelming and you just want to see the sun again.

  3. I hope you didn't fall too much! I was really excited about the snow at first because I don't get much of it back home but now, it's getting maybe just a little too cold. But hey, I totally agree that if it's cold, it may as well just snow too :)